Her Story

When people first meet Kira they are usually drawn to her outgoing and bubbly personality.  Our little girl is a fearless and independent four-year old: "I'm a princess and a super hero!" Elsie, her older sister, is always there with her every step of the way and doing well under these circumstances with managing school and spending more time with her sister.


Unfortunately, you can't tell what battles Kira fights on the inside when you first meet her.  This is a disease that Kira has to fight hard and it takes hours everyday to manage. She does multiple nebulizer treatments, a vest machine for 20 minutes 2x/day, and takes medication before she eats anything.  

 We learned this year that quarantine life is hard as I'm sure it is for all of you and a struggle to maintain a normal existence for our kids.  They are handling it surprisingly well and we are getting much closer as a family through these times.  

 Last year, you helped raise over $21,600 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!  Help us find a cure for everyone affected and join the Kisses for Kira team.  We've raised over $61,000 but we are FAR FROM DONE.  Kira has to keep fighting and we need your help!